Reusable Name Badges

What makes these Reusable Name Badges different from ordinary name badges is that these can be reused several times. Our entire stock of name badges can be easily personalized with the name and company's logo on it. The reusable magnetic name badges are the most affordable type of badges used in organizations.


There is a kit available for this kind of Name badge, so that one can himself personalize the badge. The kit contains following materials:

  • Badge Plate
  • Printable Inner Sheets
  • Badge Lens Cover
  • Name Badge Holder


Standard sized Reusable Name Badge is available such as Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. There is also a variety of shapes in these badges like square, oval or boomer.

Printing Technology

The inner sheet of the badge can be printed using any digital and full color printing machine.


A wide range of reusable name badges are available in gold, silver, white, platinum and copper colored plates with satin and bright finishes.

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Meeting all the standards of quality, these badges are provided in customized forms with changes in colors, logos and backgrounds. Please let us know your requirements and we are happy to serve you with proper detailing.

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