Desk Plates/Door Plates

We are involved in printing any type of Desk Plates and Door Plates, a must type of signage for your office so that customers can easily navigate when they visit. All our offered desk and door name plates are ideal for office environment. Apart from this, one can choose a personalized desk name plate to welcome a new team member in the office.


We use standard grade aluminum and steel metal for these desk plates and office door plates, as it gives a very shiny and flattering appeal to the plate. Other than this, we can also use plastic materials for the plates.


Although, we offer custom made desk and door name plates to our clients, the most popular and preferred plate size is 2 by 8 inches in market.

Printing Technology

For desk plates and door name plates, the names are etched into the material through a number of processes, including mechanical engraving and laser engraving.


These door name plates are available in gloss white, gold or silver metal finish.

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Meeting all the standards of quality, these badges are provided in customized forms with changes in colors, logos and backgrounds. Please let us know your requirements and we are happy to serve you with proper detailing.

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